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Its October 1942, On patrol in the North Atlantic your boat HMS Defiance has been depth charged by an enemy Warship.


The only good news is that the fire has been put out, but through the smoke you will notice your problems don't end there, with the loss of the Captain its up to you and the remaining Crew to identify which target to shoot, find the key and surface the boat so you can get home to make repairs.

Suitable for 2 to 6 Players

PLEASE NOTE: This is a highly immersive room, to achieve the desired effect a smoke machine is used to simulate a fire in a confined space underwater, this thick smoke although completely safe will restrict your vision and ability to see for a portion of the game.


This room is not suitable for heeled shoes as the floor is grated. Stability is required and this room is not suitable for people who have difficulty with balance.

minimum Age Rating without adult in room playing too


When Accompanied by an Adult, we permit any age of player into Depth Charge

Desired Difficulty Level -  HIGH

Desired Escape Rate - 40 %

Actual Difficulty Level - HIGH

Actual Escape Rate - 45%

Shocks -   0

Jump Scares -   0

Limited Vision -   Yes (Simulated Smoke from Fire)

                            [VG Based Pharmaceutical grade]

Crawling - None

Trip Hazards -   Slightly unstable Flooring in places

Wheelchairs -   Can be accommodated